Writing Philosophy


Principles I serve…

  1. Write the truth.

2. Trust the sound of your voice.

3. Connect with the larger story to tell.

People always ask me how I got into storytelling. And I guess it’s the kind of thing that has always been around. Stories are what we whisper into the ear of a friend at a movie theater or shout across the din of a crowded room. Stories are hands down, pockets emptied, the best thing we’ve got in life. They are a kaleidoscope of what makes us up. That’s why I write books. Stories help us to relate and empathize with others. Stories humanize us in a world that seems to grow increasingly inhumane. They have a way of reaching across difference to unite us. They disarm, they educate, and inspire us to put the pages down and to go live differently than before. I wish to capture stories in a way that warms readers to the sound of the author’s voice and gives them a perspective on the world they can trust.